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Hi and welcome!
I make icons and other graphics.
You may or may not know me as KissesInChaos or KICxIcons.
KICxIcons was my old icon journal, but decided to stop that one.
While I wasn't posting, I was experimenting and learning new techniques.
I've created this community so I don't have to post so many times
in so many communities.

a] please don't steal/copy. it's frowned upon.
b] please comment if you use.
c] credit not necessary, but very much appreciated.
if you do credit, credit to kissmedeadlyinc
d] honesty is always welcome.
e] textless icons are NOT bases.
f] please: no hotlinking.
g] please follow these simple rules. after all,
i did say 'please'.

*must be a member to view graphics entries

>>The programs I use are Paintshop Pro7 &
Animation shop 3. I now save my graphics as .png
I credit here in my profile. I post to various communities,
and frequently.
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starry-sky graphics [brushes] sources amas-veritas screencaps

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