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small batch =[

here's 22 icons for you guys. hope you like `em.

rules//inform//sources link//credits//etc

[2] travis w/ william beckett
[1] william beckett
[4] brendon urie w/ ryan ross
[4] ryan ross
[1] brendon urie
[1] my chem.
[1] gerard and mikey way
[3] spiderman III
[1] pete wentz
[2] avenged sevenfold
[2] lost


numbers correspond the the icon BENEATH them.
Travis & William

William Beckett

Brendon Urie & Ryan Ross [Ryd(e/o)n]

Ryan Ross

Brendon Urie, MCR, The Way Bros, &Pete Wentz

Avenged Sevenfold


Spiderman III

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Are the first two real? Like is the original real?
have a look for yourself:

there are more than just this one, though. =]
*jaw drops* I'm stealing that and maybe one of the icons.

Deleted comment

I don't plan on use it anywhere besides my own computer library.

Deleted comment

Well, thank you. That is very considerate of you.
I totally copped that picture too. I love you for finding this. ♥
Wow! I was just about to ask if those of William and Travis were real too. Woah...Do you have a link to the rest of those pics?

Icons are great. As usual.
=] thank you.

i don't have them all. i only saved that one. but you can always ask around different communities for them. or check falloutboyrock message boards and ask there.
I love these. So much! Especially the Ryan Ross, Brendon/Ryan holding hands, and Travis/William ones. I'm saving all of those.

Ryan's makeup is gorgeous. And your icons of it are, too. I can hardly believe it. I'm so excited.

Deleted comment

okay. thanks for letting us all know. i'll credit him in my photobucket in the details part of the picture.
i saw this on FOBR boards, and just sorta played around w/ it.
and thank you all who like my graphics.

i WAS going to make some banners, but i didn't like the way some of them turned out. =[

Taking 6 and 11, will credit when used.
All are awesome, btw.
=] thank you.